A word or two

So, you’ve seen some of my work, and you’re wondering if you can buy it.

The answer is “YES!”

Prints are available for most of the pieces, and—of course—certain items are paint-and-paper originals. Obviously, the originals will sell for a higher price, but the aim is for the prints to be as good as having an original, with the use of good printing onto quality paper.

Digital work, while being solely generated by me as the artist, can be reproduced on canvas or paper as many times as is necessary, but I would prefer to have limited-print runs of the more-impactful pieces in order to maintain an exclusive feel. Variations on a theme will allow buyers a choice of artworks, as shown in the two options of the Mandela digital works, here and here.

For overseas buyers, the digital works and the scanned versions of original paintings or illustrations can be emailed or sent via DropBox once payment has been made. This will allow the customer to get the piece printed and framed where they live, and not have to rely on the vagaries of shipping or lackadaisical postal services.


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